Exceptional Culinary Services for You



Experience our Chettinad specialties through personalized catering services. From intimate gatherings to large events, savor the authentic flavors in every dish.



Enjoy the convenience of having our flavorful dishes delivered right to your home or office. Authentic Chettinad cuisine, freshly prepared and delivered with care.

Karaikudi’s dishes are a celebration of Chettinad flavors perfectly paired with modern presentations

Suresh Kumar


Private Events

Host private events with a touch of Chettinad charm. Our chefs will curate a dining experience that captivates your guests with the essence of traditional yet innovative flavors.


Cooking Classes

Learn the art of Chettinad cooking with our expert chefs. Delve into the intricacies of spice blending and traditional techniques for a hands-on culinary experience.

Savor Chettinad Today

Contact us to book a table or place an order for a taste of Chettinad excellence

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